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"Ken was very helpful and willing to answer some safe questions on the phone. This is unusual and much appreciated. This is the person I would hire if I have safe failure."
Thomas N. (Google)

"True to the words on his website, Ken helped me open my safe over the phone and didn't charge me a dime.
When I moved my safe to a new house and the safe's mechanical lock got moved despite me having it taped for years, as I would only use the key to open it.  I knew the combination as I had it written down but couldn't figure it out to get the lock open. Ken walked me through it and now I'm back to normal.  Ken is the best and I highly recommend him. Don't expect him to always be free, though!"
Dan B. San Rafael, CA (Yelp

"Been locked out? I know who to call and recommend. Ken Doyle is not only expert, he's committed to constant improvement and always upgrading his knowledge and skills. He'll get you loose of the jam you find yourself in - promptly, safely and with good humor."
Michael N., San Francisco, CA (Linkedin)

"As a safe technician and locksmith myself, I've taken safe classes from Ken. Ken is a very professional and knowledgeable safe technician. Ken is considered an industry expert and has written numerous articles. He also acts as a consultant for other safe men."
G. Perry, Ridgecrest, CA (Linkedin)

"I have known Ken since 2002 on a professional basis. I have hired Ken to open safes and do service work for specific projects for me in the SF Bay Area. Ken is a pro who knows his business and made large investments in training and equipment so he is able to provide the very best in service to his customers. Ken is known world wide as a professional safe expert and is looked up to by is colleagues and fellow safe professionals.
Fred C., San Mateo, CA (Linkedin)

Ken is an expert in his field and a consummate professional. His extensive knowledge of safes and the locks that go on them make him an excellent choice for all facets of safe work and repair."
Tasha B., Kaba-Mas-La Gard (Linkedin)

"Ken Doyle is a leader and mentor to many in the safe industry. He is looked up to by a broad peer group for not only his skills but his willingness to share his knowledge with others. Ken takes his profession seriously and yet has a wonderful, quirky, sense of humor, as well. I can honestly say that in an industry that is predominantly male, Ken has treated me like an equal and is willing to help me when I need help, and willing to introduce me to others that may be of help. Having Ken as a friend and business associate is a great thing, because he truly is a professional of amazing skill and expertise. I highly recommend Ken for all of his skills, but particularly safe opening and servicing."
Hope T., Owner, Fradon Lock Co, Syracuse, NY (Website)

"Ken Doyle is well known and respected in the Safe and Vault Industry. I have had the pleasure of having Ken help me with with my own safe lock needs as I specialize only in automotive locksmithing and firmly believe that a man must know his limitations. I recommend Ken Doyle without reservation."  -  Jim P. Owner, Old Capitol Lock Services, Benicia, CA (Linkedin)

"Ken at Advanced Safe & Vault has been a working partner for the past 20 years. He has a strong work history, and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of safe and vault mechanics. High security and damage-free openings are what he is best at and I would not hesitate to work with him again on future projects, nor would I hesitate to give him a high recommendation to any of his future clients."
Mike O., Lone Star Safe & Vault, Dallas, TX  (Linkedin)

"I've used Ken to service many of my clients safe opening and service needs, as well as moving large safes from time to time. He knows his job, is honest and detail oriented ."
Steve H., former owner, All City Locksmiths, San Francisco, CA (Website)

"Amazing products. Thanks for making a great scope light.  Still in use after many years in service.
Advanced Safe offers the best in service and quality."
David K., Safe Technician, Formerly of SSF, CA (Google)

"Ken is a very personable expert in the field of safes and lock. I have tapped Ken's knowledge over the years when I or a member of my unit was serving a narcotics or homicide search warrant and a safe was involved. Ken is efficient and trustworthy. Ken was also instrumental as a mentor when I opened a small locksmith business. He has also responded and opened several different types of safes for me over the years. He stays up to date with all of the new technology and innovations of the industry."
Mike S., Lieutenant-Inspector, San Francisco Police Dept., Retired (Linkedin)

"I work with Ken a lot. This time he opened an ATM hours faster than others that my CSM has sent. He even took a few minutes after he repaired the door to help me with the lock that I was having trouble installing. I try to always ask for Ken."
Sam L., Diebold, Inc. (Website)

"I've know Ken for years, when I worked for other lock and safe companies and now that I work for Diebold. Ken has opened many bank safes, vaults and ATMs for my company. He is knowledgable, well-equipped, polite, neat and most importantly, FAST! He always does a first-rate job that reflects well on me, my company and impresses the client."
Chris. D., Diebold, Inc. (Website)

"Today, Ken opened an ATM out at Oakland Airport that my guys had previously worked on for 2 days and had given up on it. Despite all the hassle of doing work inside the restricted area of an airport, Ken had it open and repaired the same day."
Jose E., Diebold, Inc. (Website)

"Ken and I worked on an Optiva 520 that had been locked-up for days. Ken got it open in only a couple of hours and even stayed with me after he finished the repair to make sure I had the lock installed and functioning. I was so glad Ken was so efficient and helpful because it was my daughter's birthday party that night and I thought I would be late for it."
Sabine R., Diebold, Inc.

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